Like dealth & taxes, termites are a fact of life in Arizona.  I always tell my clients, it's not IF you get them, but WHEN you get them.  There are 3-5 colonies per acre and one colony can inhabit an acre in itself!  How do you keep them away?  First, no wood to earth contact - if an inground fence post touches your house, it's a freeway for termites!  Easy solution, a piece of metal flashing between the post and your home.  Second, you want to keep moisture away from the foundation of your home.  Termites love moist environments and we see an uptick in infestations during the monsoon seasons with abundant rainfall.  Third, seal cracks around your home - don't give them a doorway!  Doing these things may keep these voracious little eaters away.  I say may, as sometimes it just happens.  Contact me for a referral to a company who treats very reasonably!