Here are 10 Things you should be doing to your home in the spring:

1) Sell Something:  Garage Sale Time!

2) Donate Something:  What doesn't sell, give to a local charity - it's deductible!

3) Trash Something:  If you are not going to use the item, it won't sell & you can't donate it, turn to bulk trash!

4) Clean Something:  Not your normal clean, move the sofa & clean those blinds!  Also, door knobs, light switches & outlets - a quick spritz of cleaner, wait a minute to let the product do it's work, then scrub with an old toothbrush!

5) Scrub Something:  That stain on the driveway, spot in the shower - deep clean something that you normally don't!

6) Organize Something:  Attack that closet!  You could find something you're missing!  Also a good way to collect items for #1 & #2!

7) Renew Something:  That item that didn't sell at your garage sale, revitalize with with new fabric or paint - or turn it into something else.  Always good to repurpose items - and create a conversation piece!

8) Plant Something: Get your garden growing - go for that Curb Appeal! 

9) Update Something: Get a fresh coat of paint or replace the hardware - give it a new look!

10) Upgrate Something:  Maybe it's time to move?  Getting your home Spring-ready is the same process as getting your home Sale-ready, so you can't dodge #5!