Congratulations!  Let's talk about getting prepared to purchase a home.  First, once you have applied for your loan and/or have an accepted contract on a home, you do not want to change your financial picture - no new/additional debt: credit cards, new car, new furniture - all should be avoided.  Creating additional debt will change your ratios of debt to income and could make obtaining your home loan impossible.  Don't forget, you also need reserves.  This means you need to have some money in savings.  Ideally, you would want six months worth of expenses in savings - this way, if something should happen where you couldn't work, you have six months worth saved as backup.  The lender typically will want to see money in savings as reserves - this covers taxes, insurance and interest between the time you get your loan until the first payment is due - they could also want additional cash there as savings.  Be conservative - talk to your lender or realtor about large expense you are planning to make.  It could mean the difference of buying your new home or not!